My Guarantee

I Guarantee each knife that I make against defects in workmanship, for as long as I am able to make knives.  My guarantee does not include handle material, as climate and time can cause cracking, checking, and shrinking.  My knives are designed as cutting tools.  They are not meant to be used as pry bars, screwdrivers, chisels, axes, hatchets, etc.  Abuse will void this guarantee. 

If you buy a knife and are not satisfied, contact me within 10 days, then return the knife in new, unused, and unaltered condition for a full refund of the original purchase price.

I believe that a man's word is his bond and his hand shake is as good as a contract.  I believe honor and reputation are the most valuable assets that a person can have.  I base my business dealings and life on these values.

God Bless you and your's.

Tony Huffman
Contact Information
Tony Huffman
1013 Mockingbird
Stephenville, TX  76401


Phone (254)  485-5668